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Pushing Up Urban Dictionary. Pushing p is an expression brought by gunna, a rapper. To carry (an action or thing) toward a conclusion or extreme:

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A clever way of saying i agree with you, and i suspect others do too. To press the adoption, use, sale, etc., of: Pushing p means to keep things genuine and respectful.

“Pushing P” Roughly Means Pushing Positivity.

The word means pushing positivity which further means to be positive in one’s life, and we can hear this term in his rap songs. Please review urban dictionary's content. All the definitions on urban dictionary were written by people just like you.

Details About Pushing Up Urban Dictionary.

To pushing up prices but they didn’t find customers buy after won’t. Pushing daisies is an euphemism for being dead. To push inferior merchandise on.

★★★ Prepper Urban Dictionary It Is Not Just A Pie In The Sky Idea.

To carry (an action or thing) toward a conclusion or extreme: “hey g you pushing p right now?” “ nah dude i’m not on the clock til later, and bring your own lube this time!” Daisy, push, up pushing up.

Money , Friend , Trying To Impress Others , Boyfriend Or Girlfriend Click Words For Definitions

The meaning behind this phrase is explained by gunna in many interviews. A prison term for homosexual prostitution, “pushing p” refers to the act of “pushing” a penis into an inmate’s backside. The articulation “ pushing up ” truly signifies “pushing p,” where p is composed as a blue text emoji.

To Press The Adoption, Use, Sale, Etc., Of:

Push someone's buttons definition at, a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms and translation. Generally used in a negative sentence as: Besides, accepting you are adroit at the game’s new development, you can make games on the roblox stage.

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