Air Traffic Organization Abbreviation

Air Traffic Organization Abbreviation. The crossword solver found 20 answers to the air traffic organization abbr crossword clue. Regardless, there are various truncations utilized in the air world.

50 Years International Organization of Civilian Air from

This crossword clue air traffic organization: Regardless, there are various truncations utilized in the air world. We think faa is the possible answer on this clue.

Please Find Below All The Air Traffic Organization:

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There Are Many Abbreviations That Are Used Throughout The Air World.

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Abbr Abbreviate Abcst Automatic Broadcast Abd Aboard Abi Advance Boundary Information Ablchg Airborne Launching Abm Abeam Abn Aerodrome Beacon.

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Ato Means Air Traffic Organization.

About air traffic organization abbreviation the ato abbr. This is a list of aviation, avionics, aerospace, and aeronautical abbreviations Puzzles are checking the clue, which is an abbreviation.

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